Memories are great. It’s lovely to remember great times you had and things you enjoyed a lot, times when you were happy and felt good. But it’s not good to dwell in the past forever.

I have to move on from things that are now over, even if I don’t like it.

And this is supposed to help me.

  • 11 November 2013: Imagine Dragons concert. It was my first concert ever and I had such a lovely time with one of my best friends, she and my best friend got me the ticket for my birthday and I knew for MONTHS that it would be the ticket but they didn’t tell me and I was so happy. Our places in the hall were pretty great and I took some pretty okay videos and Imagine Dragons is definitely my favourite band.
  • September 2013: Graduation trip. I went to Nizza and Monaco with my class for a week and it was awesome. My birthday was in that week too and how cool is it to visit Monaco on your birthday and swim in the sea and picknick on the beach at sunset with some really cool people. Everyone in my class got along so well with each other and the atmosphere was really nice. We saw and did a lot and I have many lovely memories. A friend of mine made me a wrist band and she gave it to me in Nizza and I’m still wearing it.
  • Juni/July 2014: Graduating from school. Only recently I notices how nice this time actually was and how much I miss it now. I was in my class with four very good friends and I liked almost everyone in my class too. We laughed a lot and helped each other and being in school was fun and not boring and I was actually interested in the stuff I learned. Not so much right now. Anyway. I had a lot of time before my final exams and especially between and after the exams and I could relax a lot and study a little and meet my people. We went swimming and I watched approximately 300 TV shows and in the end we partied. Hard. Not that often but it was great. The weather was amazing and I felt good about myself and I had the best grades I ever had.
  • 18 July 2014: The day I graduated. In the morning I put on my Dirndl (Bavarian dress, mine is really pretty, it’s green and purple and I love it) and went to church. Me and a classmate had to do this roleplay and talk about our time in school and it was really funny and a friend almost burned her hair on the candles we had. Afterwards we got our certificates and I got 10€ (wow) for my grades and our class teacher was so nice to us and my partents were so lovely and proud of me! Then I got home, ate a little and soon afterwards two of my friends came over and my best friend helped dress us (my dress was Tardis-blue, no kidding) and put make up on us and it was so funny and a little stressful. On my prom I didn’t drink any alcohol but I was still so so happy! We made our teachers cry because we thanked them and gave them a book we made and danced – which was kind of funny but mostly awkward – and the food was great and I laughed a lot.
  • Meeting my “internet” friends. These friends are now so much more to me than just people I met online. They are important and amazing and I love every single one of them so much. In August last year I drove to Stuttgart and met Nadja and Rose and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy together and it was probably one of the best days in my life. I have so great memories from this day. In December and again in March I met Steffi and it was lovely to see her and she’s so unbelievably nice and I like her a lot! I wish we could meet more often but she’s even busier than I am. In January I met Moira and her sister Hannah. I didn’t even know her for long but luck brought us together and it was such a spontanious trip but I loved it. I felt so good the whole day and it was really really nice!
  • HobbitCon and the week before, March/April 2015. Woah, HobbitCon. One of the best experiences ever. I went to Nadja a week before and we spend the whole week together and just talked a lot, watched all 6 Middle-earth films together, went shopping and so much more. It was so relaxing and so so lovely to see her again after so many months. I can’t describe in words how happy this made me. And then we went to Bonn and met another friend we both had never seen before and we spend a great time together, met some more people we became friends with and … yeah, went to HobbitCon. The choir, the panels, the lectures, the people there. Everything was so incredible. And the party on Sunday made everything even better. The music was great and I danced so much and was so so happy and all my friends were happy too and I’m so happy they were happy and it all was so great and I’m so glad we went to that party and I’m typing really fast now because I don’t want to start crying just thinking about it. Seriously, these 9 days (not Tuesday, that was the day I drove home and probably one of the worst days of my whole life – I literally cried for 2 hours straight) were probably the best of my life. And I wouldn’t miss one second for the world.
  • I’m sure there are more days I should mention, my 16th birthday for example, where I got so many great presents and all my friends were there and we laughed so unbelievably much or the – I think four – fandom evenings I had with my “fandom gang”, because we watched such great stuff and I laughed until I lay on the floor and could neither breath nor move nor say anything but this is just what I could write down from the top of my head.

Thank you if you read through all of that. All these little stories mean the world to me.

I hope I will have more to add to this list. And I hope that I can move on from those points and not just cry because it’s over.

See you soon ❤


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