This is just something I want to get out there because I’ve been thinking about it for the last few weeks now. I’m pretty annoyed by so many people and things lately and … well, it’s annoying as fuck.

So I’m just gonna rant again a little.

  1. Narrow-minded people who can’t accept other people’s points of view.
  2. Racism, sexism, homophobia – basically everything that disrespects people for who they are.
  3. Violence. Seriously, I may curse you and threaten you with words but I don’t think I could ever hit someone for no reason. That person would be some serious asshole.
  4. Parents that interfere with their children’s dreams and tell them what education or job or whatever they should aspire to.
  5. People making me feel like shit. If that is because they are unnecessarily rude or because they tell me something that makes me feel bad or because they let me down, it doesn’t matter. Something like that can make my day so much worse and it can make me cry very easily and I’m definitely not happy with that.
  6. Situations where I feel excluded. You know, when everyone seems to know each other or can be happy together and I don’t feel like a part of them. That’s awful.
  7. Last minute change of plans. I don’t plan my whole life or every minute of every day, but I do need a structure and a plan. And I really can’t deal with last minute changes, especially when the excuse is pretty stupid.
  8. Cancelling of something I’ve been looking forward to (very much). I need these little things to look forward to, I really do. If it’s just a phone call or meeting someone or good food at the end of the day or whatever. And if this little thing doesn’t happen because I don’t know why, that’s just… ugh. I might start crying (again, I cry a lot…) because I anticipated this thing and really wanted it to happen.
  9. My internet and/or phone not working properly. Seriously, it happens so often and it annoys the hell out of me (and that’s something entirely different to almost everything on this list but I really wanted to include it)
  10. People not answering my messages. Seriously, I know this is probably my fault too, but I always answer right away. Or at least after very few minutes. But I won’t make someone wait for an answer for hour or even days. And you know what is the worst? When I can SEE that the person I’m talking too is online but doesn’t write! Maybe on another website (oh thank you social media for letting me stalk my friends) or because there’s a little green dot or because I see someone read my message. Okay, maybe you are very busy or whatever but then at least TELL me and not leave me with this little “seen” notification that will freak the hell out of me because I now think you don’t want to be friends with me anymore or whatever. Because that is what I will think. Inevitably. I can’t change it, that’s just who I am. So please accept it and be nice to me.

So, now you learned a lot more about myself.

I really had to get that out now. Because some of these points – especially the last one – have been bothering me even more during the last few weeks. Huh.

Do you feel the same sometimes?

See you soon ❤


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