A few days ago I posted Part 1 of my thoughts about education and everything concerning this topic. So, here is Part 2 and the ranting can begin. Sorry for this very long post.

As I said in Part 1:

I hope you don’t hate me after reading this, but to be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me.

I have very strong opinions on everything concerning education, education and school systems, and how important all of that is or should or shouldn’t be.

I have been arguing about my points of view with quite some people, but I wanted to explain why I think that way and combine everything on one place, namely on this blog.

So here we go again.

I like the German education system but not everyone else’s

And there’s a reason for this. (Of course I’m no expert in any educational system that is not the German because I only live here and definitely don’t want to google everything.)

As I told you in Part 1, we have “three kinds of high school” you can go to, depending on how good you are in elementary school and what you want to achieve. And I think that is amazing. Because not everyone is equally smart, that’s just how it is. So how should everyone be able to learn in the same pace and equally much at the same time if some people are just faster at understanding everything and others?! In high schools, where everyone is in the same class it’s for some people the right pace and amount of stuff to learn, for some it’s too much and they understand nothing and can’t handle it and some are underchallenged and get bored. How is that system supposed to work?! Well, I tell you, it doesn’t! I’m sure that this is why so many people in countries where there’s a high school system are so stressed out and why I read complaints everywhere on the internet.

In Germany we have a school for everyone (well, three, but you know how I mean it). You can learn in a way that is appropriate to your skills and capabilities. And everyone benefits from that! The students of course most, because they don’t get too stressed or think they are too stupid because they aren’t so good in school and they still learn a lot. And it’s also good for teachers because they don’t have to try to give lessons that are for everyone, no matter what their IQ is – because they will definitely fail. It’s just not possible. And employers later on really see better what you can do, how smart you are. Also, you still have the chance to get your A levels or whatever you want, no matter to which school you go after fourth grade! And if you see that the school you’re on is too much for you and you can’t keep up, then you can change to a different school form very easily.

Why can’t every country have a system like ours? It works very well! As far as I know we have very good educational standards in Germany and I think that tells you how good our system works, right?

I think the only real flaw is that it is pretty complicated and the students themselves often don’t know how everything works. And they don’t know about every opportunity they have. Also, education in Germany is very diverse. You learn different things (and different amounts) in different states and there are differences in the levels of education. And that shouldn’t happen in one country. But there are people working on this problem, so hopefully it will work out better in the future.

What do I think about education in general?

Education is important and necessary. Especially to me. I love to learn more things and things that are interesting and let me grow and know more about this world and how everything works. I’m a very curious person! Your horizon gets wider and you can learn so much about so many aspects of life and of all the people and the nature and everything around you. In the past, present and future. And that is beautiful.

And I think everyone should have the chance to get as much education as possible. I know that’s not the case in many parts of the world, especially for girls. And that’s a very sad thing. But thankfully people fight against that every day and I’m happy about that.

(That’s just a statement I wanted to put in there, this can’t just be ranting.)

School is fucked up sometimes

Really, some things are just so useless and annoying and don’t make any sense. And just shouldn’t be there.

A friend pointed out that they are using a different spelling method at elementary school right now and I don’t really get it or have heard about that but it sounds just very weird.

And there’s so much stuff like that that’s just ???? Sometimes I think students are just lab rabbits you can try different techniques and school concepts on, maybe one will work, maybe not.

Another example:

In Germany they shortened the time in which you are on Gymnasium from 9 to 8 years, so that you get your A levels one year earlier. They changed the system a few years ago and there were so many arguments and so much discussion. And now students are unable to cope with everything and are too stressed because the amount of work they have to do in one year got bigger.

Also, the whole thing wasn’t prepared properly so the students (and teachers) were just thrown in at the deep end and it took years to change the syllabus in a way that really works.

Or how they changed the name of the Hauptschule to Mittelschule last year (or 2013?). I mean, it’s just an image thing?! Changing the name won’t do anything, it won’t solve any problems that people think there are! And I don’t really get what they want to achieve with this! But hey, politicians and their views on our school system… They have great ideas.

A levels and university and the importance of learning

Now we come to the good part. (Haha) This is definitely the longest part. Sorry. I have so much to say and I don’t really know how to put my thoughts in order. This is all very important to me, that’s why this part is so very long. I don’t know where to start so I’m just going straight into it.

I think you shouldn’t go to university just because it is UNIVERSITY – or just because you can, because you have the degree to go there and think “what could go wrong, I don’t know what else to do”. You should go to university because have an intention to do something: you want to study something, it sounds interesting, you want to get a job with that degree. But not just because you think “without university, without a degree I won’t make it far in life, I will never earn much money, I can never be happy, I won’t ever achieve anything in life” because… WHY?! Why do people think like this? That’s all so not true! You can do so much without uni! It’s not a necessity in life! It’s definitely not the most important thing in the world! Of course is education important, I already said that, but that doesn’t essentially mean uni!

You don’t have to go to uni or make your A levels. Not because someone else tells you to. If your parents or someone else pressures you to get amazing grades and study a certain thing or whatever, don’t listen. Listen to your heart! And what you can really do, what your capabilities are, not what someone else wants from you. There’s life without it. Remember that. And it’s your decision.

Please also remember: Uni or A levels or a degree in whatever is not a security for happiness or self-fulfilment. You need to find something you love and with what you can see yourself in the future. Not because it just “sounds good”. And don’t think you’re not good enough without!

And if you don’t want to be in school, then DON’T BE for god’s sake! I didn’t want to stay in school, so I didn’t. When you hate it and don’t get any further, don’t stay any longer! Don’t work yourself up on school just because it seems like you need it or because other people tell you you need this degree. It’s not true. In Germany you don’t have to stay in school after year 9! Don’t know about other countries but here you can choose! Don’t go to school if you not fucking want it. There’s no use in it. And you won’t be happy! Find the right thing for you, not the thing maybe everyone does or wants. You can go to a different kind of schoo, with more practical subjects or start an apprenticeship or whatever you want. The possibilities are endless (which is also scary, I know).

And don’t you ever dare to have a go at someone who hasn’t gotten their A levels. They didn’t want to or were not smart enough to go on with school and it’s their fucking decision and none of your business. If someone does that in my presence I will fucking punch you in the face, understood? Don’t be an arrogant asshole and pride yourself on your stupid paper. You can of course be proud of what you achieved but you can also hurt people.

I know that many people want to study a certain thing, because they want to have this one job and think they will only be happy with that. Okay, it’s of course great to have a dream and something to look forward to. It’s great to know what you want to do in life. But I have friends who study pretty hard stuff – for example medicine and law – and others who want to study something like that and I don’t know why they do this to themselves. I just don’t get it. Why would you like to suffer for 5 fucking years until you are finished?! Why do you want to put uni in front of your whole life and be only able to care about that?! How can you do that to yourself for god’s sake?! There’s so much way more important then uni! And yes, maybe it’s your dream to become a doctor or lawyer or whatever but if you’re almost breaking down every day and have no other life besides uni because you’re learning 24/7 and get only 4 hours of sleep every day IS IT REALLY WORTH IT?! NO! IT’S NOT! Not in my opinion! I can’t understand it and I never ever will!

There’s so much more in life…

And the same goes for school by the way! Maybe you really want to get your A levels and amazing grades, okay, I get that. I don’t want them – at least not now, maybe I’ll change my opinion in a few years – so I acknowledge what people want, okay? But why do people put so much effort in school? And also – like for uni – have no life besides school, learn all the time and so on. I don’t get it. You don’t need a A* in every class.

Okay, maybe you need it for the thing you want to study. But if you can’t get the grades you would need without working so much that you’re almost getting a burn out IT’S WRONG. Then you are maybe just not smart enough. Sorry to break it to you but that’s the way I think about it. Studying at uni is harder than in school as far as I know. So if you have so great difficulties getting the grades you need for uni in school, then you probably won’t be very good in uni either. Or you’ll work yourself up on all the work you have to do.

School is not worth the stress. If you want to get good grades, okay, but you don’t have to work all the time. You need time for yourself and for your friends and hobbies and everything else. Because you are young and you should fucking ENJOY YOUR LIFE OKAY?!

You don’t LIVE for school or uni or work! You live for yourself! And if you tell me “it will get better, I’ll have time for everything after I fished [school, uni, etc]” you’re lying. Because you won’t. Definitely not when you’re working. Because if you do, then I’m fucking jealous of you.

I did never study a lot – and I had no problems with that, because I didn’t to go the Gymnasium and was quite smart for the Realschule (I guess, I don’t want to be arrogant, but I never really had problems) – and I had a great time. I could read so much and joined so many fandoms, watched so many TV shows and had time to be LAZY. Now I value it so much that I had this time and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m working right now and I’m way less time at home than I used to. I miss it to just come home at 1 pm, throw my bag into the corner, have lunch with my Mom and then just read a book or watch Doctor Who till dinner. That was so lovely. I didn’t worry about school too much and enjoyed my life.

So no, it’s not worth it all the trouble and struggle.

Where my opinions came from (probably)

You see that I have very strong opinions and I don’t want to upset everyone or argue with the people I love but I’ve seen so many people talking about school in a way that angers me and I got through the whole “what should I do after school” process and helped many of my friends with it too. Or at least tried to, some people are just resistant against any advice and help.

And I see so many people suffering because of choices they made, even if some of them are still happy with their choices. I’m not happy with what they do to themselves so here I am, being maybe not nice but definitely very honest about this topic. I’m not sorry for that.

I don’t know why I developed my hate for “school is so important” and everything along those lines but it was probably when I realised that my friend have more work than I do and they are in school and I’m working. That’s not normal and I don’t want it to be like that. They cry because they don’t have the best grades and/or are so stressed because of school and I don’t like that, I really don’t. I wish they would all change their opinions and be more relaxed about school and uni. Or just do something else. But that’s probably just wishful thinking.

Which means I will argue with them again and again.

I hope you don’t hate me now. But I’m open for your points of view and a discussion.

Just tell me what you think! I’d be very happy to see some comments about all this.

See you soon ❤


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