And it was great! And amazing! I had such a great time and so many lovely things happened!

I just want to tell everyone what I did there and how it all went, so here is post number 1 about it.

Saturday was the first time I put my cosplay on in it’s entirety. Maybe I should have tried it earlier, but I didn’t really have the time or really wanted to. Anyway, it all worked out. With some help with the ears and my hair from the lovely Nadja.

This is what my hobbit cosplay looked like:

Hobbit Cosplay Hobbit Cosplay 2

I was pretty cute, right?

My cosplay is maybe nothing special, but I like it and it was fun and pretty cool to wear. My first time ever at a con and my first time ever wearing a cosplay. What a great start!

Our hotel was very lovely and with a taxi it didn’t take us long to get to the con area. But it was sometimes still annoying.

I was with two very good friends at HobbitCon, whom I had met in my book forum two and a half years ago, Nadja and Vanessa. Vanessa had met two girls last year on HobbitCon, and we met them too this year. So we were mostly running around as either three or five.

Four of us were in the choir workshop. That was such a special experience for me. I was actually pretty nervous because I have never been in a real choir and I don’t think I’m a very good singer. But I think (and hope) I was good enough. It was amazing to sing with so many people! We were 140 in the workshop and over 100 on stage for the performance on Monday and our medley of Edge of Night, Namárië and Into the West already sounded so beautiful during the rehearsals.

Singing was great fun and I loved the medley so much. These three songs are still stuck in my head and I can’t get them out.

It was also a very emotional experience to sing these songs because they fit so perfect to the end of the Hobbit trilogy, of an era of Peter Jackson’s middle earth movies.

Many of us cried or had tears in their eyes during the rehearsals and I have to admit, I was one of those people.

Here I uploaded the audio from our rehearsal on Sunday, here (I will try it again later, sorry, tumblr hates me right now) from our performance on stage at the closing ceremony on Monday.

When we weren’t in the choir workshop we were mostly just sitting in the main hall in the panels. And that was such great fun.

I laughed more on this weekend than I did in the last month I think! And my hands are still tired from all the clapping.

The actors were really funny and they definitely enjoyed being there and talking to all of us. The fans who asked questions were always nice and often so thoughtful! So many great questions came up and the answers were often amazing and sometimes just bloody hilarious.

Mark Ferguson was a great host and I will remember his pornobalken forever. His “I’m a happy Hobbit, at HobbitCon, at HobbitCon, Nummer Drei, Nummer Drei” was my mantra for the weekend.

And I think I fell in love with John Bell (so did everyone else). He’s such a fanboy. And very funny. And cute of course.

I also sat in a lecture about Galadriel and I tell you, I have never felt nerdier in my life before. But it was interesting!

By the way, the announced ComicCon Germany!!! YOU KNOW HOW COOL THIS IS?! I hope some information comes out very soon, I want to know how that’s going to be! I could imagine myself going to that con too… Let’s see! 🙂

At first we wanted to go to the party on Saturday (HobbitCon parties are pretty famous…) but then we decided not to, we were too tired, so we just watched Doctor Who and listened to Eurovision songs in our bed. That was also a very lovely time.

I will tell you about the cosplays tomorrow and also about some more specific highlights.

Have you been to HobbitCon too? How was it for you? I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

See you soon ❤


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