I really love books and I really love reading.

I think I can say that I’ve read a lot of books in my life. And hopefully I can continue to read a lot. But in the past 7 months it got very hard to find time to read. In fact I haven’t finished  a book since mid-January. And that makes me both sad and angry.

Reading is quite important to me. I always enjoyed it! And it’s heavily linked to my childhood because I’ve always been reading books, right since I was able to.

I think I’ve read every genre that exists. When I was a little younger I didn’t care what books I read, just that it was a book. I didn’t pick very specific ones but just looked what I found in the library that sounded interesting, sat down on my couch, my bed – basically wherever I had the chance to – and read. I found some amazing authors and books but I also read a lot of crap.

The first books I ever got from the library were the Märchenmond trilogy by Wolfgang and Heike Hohlbein (Magic Moon in the English version) – it’s a German fantasy series I really liked and actually still like. Even after 5 or 6 years I can remember almost the whole plot. That’s pretty cool.

What was the crap I read? Well, a lot of German detecive stories and stories about teenage girls that get into trouble/fall in love (with a supernatural creature)/discover they have superpowers/find a dead body somewhere. But it could’ve been worse, I still enjoyed a lot of the things I read.

There’s one thing I’m still angry about: That I read so many very popular books very late. For example Harry Potter! I first saw all the movies and then read the books, which I find still weird because so many people read HP when the books first came out! It’s the same with Percy Jackson or Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. Well, in the end I read all those books and I’m really happy about that.

(It was totally different with The Hunger Games and I’m very glad about that! I read the first and second book on vacation at my grandparent’s a year before the first movie came into the cinemas and I probably swallowed both of them in three days. I loved them right away but had to wait for over two months until I could get the third one from the library. That was torture.)

I read so many books in so little time and I have no idea how I managed that? Well, probably because I just had nothing else to do really. But then the internet happend and more school – now work – and there’s hardly any time left.

The last books I read very quickly were The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure by James Dashner and that was around New Year’s Day. Right now I’m “reading” The Kill Order (by James Dashner), Der Dativ ist dem Genetiv sein Tod (by Bastian Sick, something German about the language and what mistakes people make, pretty funny and educational), The Bane Chronicles (by Cassandra Clare) and re-reading The Hobbit. But to be honest, the last time I opened one of those books was Saturday two weeks ago. I’m feeling miserable saying this.

Well, I can’t change it, so I have to live with it. That doesn’t mean I won’t complain about it though.

Believe magic!

I really like this quote* because I think it’s true. It’s wonderful to dive into the world someone created! No matter if it contains magic or war or love or death or something different. When the book is good, and you can forget the world around you and just live inside these pages, then you can feel the magic of books and what words can create inside of you – what they make you think about, question, remember, realise.

(*And many more quotes about reading and books in general, but I have literally thousand of those saved on my computer and can’t find the one I wanted to use in this post. Well, this does the job well enough.

I have the feeling this blog post is a total mess but I just really wanted to write something and don’t think a lot about what I write or how it looks or whatever. I needed to distract myself from worries and thoughts that poison my mind so here I am, writing almost 800 words about reading and books without any structure or point. I hope you don’t mind it, sorry.

TELL ME: Which books do you like? What are your most beautiful memories about reading?

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Of reading & the books in my life

  1. Hey my dear^^
    I’d like to recommend a very good book called “Death in Hollywood” by Evelyn Waugh. And no it is no book from the crime genre. Actually it is very sarcastic and humerous written. Perfect for long train rides bc it contains only 117 pages. I really thing you would like it 😉
    Yours Hannah ❤
    (Keep my grammar mistakes as a present :* )


    1. Oh dear, not another book^^
      I’ll look it up, definitely 🙂 Thank you!
      Haha, you’re good in English, my dear^^


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