This will probably be a very long post with tons of emotions and it’ll cover more than three years of my life, so I’m sorry in advance. I just have a lot of feelings about this subject and I really want to make this post for a long time now.

Well then,


In May 2011 (that is such a long time ago, oh dear) I first joined an online forum. That was, a german forum about the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I liked these books a lot back then, not anymore though, I haven’t even read the last two books. I had an amazing time here and for about two years I was very active on that site! And made a lot of friends from all over Germany, talked to them, wanted to meet them and so on. But somehow all that ended, over the time we stopped writing and I wasn’t very active anymore. I actually haven’t logged into the forum for a couple of months now until a few minutes ago because I wanted to figure out when I actually registered.

At the end of 2011 (I think! I have no way to look the date up cause the forum was deleted, but that’s a story for later) I registered on another book forum:, a forum for the Starcrossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini. I wasn’t as active there as in the HoN forum, but I also made friends there and read fanfiction and had a great time!

Then, on the 31.10.2012 the publishers who created the forum merged it with the way larger The Hunger Games forum. Which meant that the whole Starcrossed forum was deleted, which… well, created a lot of tension and anger to be honest. But now we had a new forum called i-love-books that contained the Hunger Games, Starcrossed an like 5 other smaller forums about YA literature.

After the tempers had clamed and everyone could accept that there were now new people and different book forums and the design had changed it was GREAT! I had loved the Hunger Games trilogy before but now I really got into the fandom and re-read it and read fanfiction and wrote fanfiction for the first time in my life and really noticed how amazing these books are. And the people I met there… don’t get me started on the people… The community in the forum was amazing. Amazing, beautiful, funny, thoughtful. I met some of my now very very good friends there. In fact I count my wonderful Nadja as one of my best friends! I met her through the forum and also 6 other girls I’m still talking regularly to! I met three of them already and I’m about to meet another one in less than two weeks! With the forum I always had a place to go to when I had to talk to someone, when I had a story I wanted to share, when I needed to laugh or cry, depends on wether I was reading fanfiction that day or not (some highly talented writers on that website!). I loved the forum a lot and I spend so many hours there. Through it I was dragged into more fandoms than I can count – or dragged other people into my fandoms. For a long time it was my favourite website.

But on the 27 October 2014 the forum was put offline. Because of some pretty stupid reasons to be honest but I won’t talk much about it because I already almost cried writing this post and that’s definitely enough. It was devestating and still is, but I actually got so much closer to the friends I could keep, thank god for social media and WhatsApp groups!

And then there are the friends I made pretty recently. Thanks to Twitter mostly. And I love these three a lot and I’m so glad I found them! One of them I could even meet through to 100% luck! How awesome is that?

It’s so easy to make friends online! And I’m so glad it is! All these people I mentionned are just perfect and I love them so much and they are important to me, I value their friendships a lot.

I dislike the phrase ‘Internet friends,’ because it implies that people you know online aren’t really your friends, that somehow the friendship is less real or meaningful to you because it happens through Skype or text messages. The measure of a friendship is not its physicality but its significance. Good friendships, online or off, urge us toward empathy; they give us comfort and also pull us out of the prisons of our selves.

John Green, This Star Won’t Go Out

I think he’s not wrong with that statement. People you meet over the internet are definitely not less important than the ones you meet in other ways – at leas to me. But I don’t have anything against that phrase, because that’s just how I met those people… over the internet. Still, I love that quote a lot. And I love John Green, too 🙂


Okay, this is not everything I want to write about this subject, but this post is getting quite long and I’m not sure how to write about the rest.

So, tell me, do you share any of my experiences? Do you know people just through the internet? How have you found them?

See you soon ❤


3 thoughts on “The story of my online life

  1. Hmmmm, let me think. Do I talk to people I met on the internet regularily? I AM RIGHT NOW.
    Aw Tami, you are a fantastic friend and I’m so glad I put the feeling you hated me (because of Team Goblin, remember?) behind. But seriously, the merged forums created SO MUCH tension. Everyone hated everyone and I honestly thought it’d never become actually one.
    I also recall there being quite a Night School community? I never read the books though and I was more one of the Hunger Games guys (I write, surrounded by a lot of material about the trilogy).
    Oh, and in exactly one week you’ll be at mine’s!
    Love you loads. Oh, and you are definetly one of my clostest friends and not an “online friend” at all. I mean, I like you in reality as well, I just don’t write it here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Team Goblin… that was such a long time ago!
      I was sure everyone would calm down eventually and it worked out! 🙂
      Yes, you’re right, the Night School community was almost as big as the Starcrossed community. But I haven’t read these books either.
      Well, we were all more one of those Hunger Games guys^^ (and still are)
      YES ONLY ONE MORE WEEK! I still can’t really believe it, wow.
      Exactly the same for me ❤


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