Sleeping At Last – Quote #2

How rare and beautiful it is to even exist // How rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist

by Sleeping At Last – Saturn (x)

I already told you in this post last week how much I love this song and the lyrics. Here’s another example why.

It inspires me a lot. And, well, I wouldn’t say that the song cheers me up but I think I feel better about life in general when I listen to it and think about the words.

Cause it is beautiful to exist. Life is wonderful and it’s rare that it could happen at all. There’s not so much life in the universe. But there is on Earth. And here we are, living. And it’s beautiful that we all exist, that we can all live and discover things and feel and see the world in it’s beauty.

The comments beneath the video are either how they found the song through various fandom videos (I found it the same way! Through this amazing Hobbit video by the incredibly awesome Shelly) or very beautiful and actually inspiring thoughts.

Here the examples that touched me the most:

how rare and

how rare and 2

Just think about it. About the lyrics, about what it means to you. About what life in general means to you. I’m again drowning in emotions and I don’t really know what I can say because I’m just so overwhelmed by the love I have for this song.

Life is amazing, a miracle, like Sally said in the second photo. And we should value it no matter how bad we feel at the moment. Even if we can’t do what we want right now or are stuck in a shitty situation, it’s still amazing and all yours.

And again, you can tell me what you feel about this, or you can just listen.

This probably is still not the last time you will hear about Sleeping At Last on this blog.

See you soon ❤


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