As everyone who follows me on tumblr or Twitter already knows: I love the Eurovision Song Contest. I’m kind of sorry for you if you have to deal with all the shit my blogs are becomming right now but hey, I can’t help it.

I started watching the ESC (well, that’s at least what I can remember) in 2010. That was the year Germany won with Lena in Oslo, which was actually really awesome. Also, the 2010 ESC was amazing! I still like some of the songs from that year! My mother has watched the ESC for at least 20 years so I’m sure I’ve seen parts of it before, but sadly nothing I can remember. Now I know a lot about the previous years… I’m obsessed.

Why do I love it? Let’s make a list! (Again… I love lists)

  • The songs. Seriously, there’s some very good stuff! Some of my favourites are Alexander Rybak – Fairytale, Koza Mostra feat. Agathon Iakovidis – Alcohol is free (at least I think it’s a favourite, the song just makes me happy), Pollapönk – No Predjudice (oh the message!), Carl Espen – Silent Storm (so so beautiful), Safura – Drip Drop (oh the memories), Sebalter – Hunter of Stars (what a cutie), Mans Zelmerlöw – Heroes (yes, I only know this song for a day now but I’m in love). Here I should probably also mention my Eurovision crushes, most of them are already in this list, Alexander, Sebalter, Mans and also Eric Saade. *sighs* They*re just so cute. And except Sebalter all Scandinavian… I have a type.
  • The show. It’s always spectacular and every year there’s something new and the hosts have great ideas that work or don’t, jokes that are good or not. Every year very interesting and exciting!
  • The drama! Oh dear, the national finals are sometimes drama enough, even when the main shows haven’t started in MONTHS. Like this year with Germany, where the winner declined on stage and we had to send the second placed artist. Or when there are problems with the titles or lyrics of the songs and people get offended or whatever. That’s amazing and so funny to watch. Then of course the voting, which is 100% dram, when everybody freaks out if the neighbour countries don’t give you enough points.
  • The Europals. The community of Eurovision fans is BEAUTIFUL! The tumblr and twitter people are amazing and funny! The liveblogging is very entertaining and allt he sarcastic and sassy comments about the things people hate… hilarious! It’s so much fun to go through the tags and see what other people are thinking and doing and how they celebrate Eurovision.
  • The friends I made through Eurovision. In the forum I was in for two years I found some people who love the ESC. Namely Rose and Jasmin, who even runs an amazing ESC tumblr blog. Through them and some other people I fell even more in love with the whole thing. And I got to know them better. And that’s such a great thing and one of the reasons I value the ESC so much.

So, there’s the list. It could maybe be even longer but I think that’s enough. Now I’ll go and listen to this years songs again. Mostly Mans, I already know that. I think I’ve found my favourite for this year.

Do you watch it? Are you obsessed or do you only watch the shows and that’s it? Or do you have no idea what I’m talking about?

See you soon ❤


3 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Fairy Tale is such an amazing song!
    And I really like a lot of songs from 2011, I think that was a really good year for Eurovision. We have New Tomorrow, the song from Finnland which I can’t remember the name of, I love Belarus, Rockerfeller Street and so on. Oh, and the show was amazing.
    And then the older ones! Hard Rock Hallelujah! Waterloo, even!
    Oh god, Eurovision is so amazing. At book fair, I went to this German-Finish-communication thingy and we sang esc songs from both countries for an hour and everyone had so much fun and was partying. (And now I know the Finish translation to Dschingis Khan. You know, the song.)
    I’m so looking forward to this year’s ESC! (We don’t have a chance tbh, but still.)


    1. Oh my god, I didn’t even know you know that much about the ESC! That’s amazing! *feels like a proud mom*
      Yes, 2011 was also SO amazing! But 2010 is special for me, you know, cause I started there. But the show in 2011 was great! And I love the songs! Not the winner but, ERIC SAADE, AHHH!
      Oh yes, I love some of the older songs too. Molitva was great and Wild Dances and so many more!
      This year is gonna be amazing! So many great songs oh my god! We don’t really have a chance, as always, but we probably won’t come last, so it could be worse.
      And the show is hopefully going to be wonderful!


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