Short sentences.

Or long ones that seem to go on and on forever and ever without a comma or period-



For a long time.


A Blockade.








More and more I manage to write

The stories fly into my imagination and on the paper,

Or screen

I create a whole world, a story, language.

A history.

Complex characters, emotions

Love! Hate! Fear!

I am the god and I can do what I want.

It is so much fun, it is interesting to discover what happens.

And suddenly you are finished…

The End


This is a drabble. A drabble is a short writting thing. Exactly 100 words (writing is not the title – or maybe it is, I’m not sure – but the first word). It’s a thing Monty Python created, you can take a look here for information.

I love writing. I don’t do it a lot sadly.

I think I started writing in 2012. I started my own story, my first one, after a few pages I couldn’t go on, so I didn’t. I had another idea and followed it and wrote quite a lot. Then I stopped there too and had a third idea, my biggest one yet. I wrote about 33 pages and have planned a lot, but I don’t think I can write more about it, I just don’t know how. Maybe I will continue one day, who knows? I certainly don’t.

Drabbels I first tried in 2013, when I discovered them in the book forum. In a short time I wrote about 30 (about The Hunger Games) and then stopped, my inspiration was gone. I haven’t written one in ages but I had the idea in the shower today, because I really wanted to make a post about writing, it is quite important to me, so I thought, why not start writing it and see what happens. And here I am.

I like the idea, I hope someone else likes it too 🙂

Do you write? How did you start? Tell me!

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Oh Tami, this is beautiful! And it perfectly sums up my relationship with writing. I currently experience writer’s block and I hate it, because I know how freeing writing is.
    But do write more! I love your work so far 🙂
    (Also, Loki. *cough cough*


    1. Awwww thank you! ❤
      You do? I wish you all the best so that you can write again soon! I'd love to read something written by you btw…
      I have the feeling I'm in a writer's block for years now but hey, I write a little thing now and then.
      Yes, I am Loki (of Asgard and – no, stop Tami)


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