Easter Holidays / HobbitCon 3

I will be at this years HobbitCon in Bonn! From Friday, 4 April until Monday, 6 April.

And the whole week before I’ll spend with one of my best friends, my online friend Nadja. (free promo, my love)

So exciting times!

I feel so happy and over the top just thinking about this time in 3 weeks! Since Christmas I’m so looking forward to it, you have no idea. My life is not very easy at the moment, also very stressfull, but I think I can spend a great time with Nadja and my other online friend Alice, who I’ll meet at HobbitCon too.

My schedule:

  • Saturday, 28 March: I’ll spend 12 hours in a bus to get to Nadja
  • until 3 April: spending the whole time with Nadja
  • 3 April: driving to Bonn, where the con is happening, meeting Alice
  • 4 – 6 April: HOBBITCON! I hope we can see everything we want, there are some amazing panels, and we will all three go to the choir workshop (still not sure if I can sing or not)
  • 6 April: back to Nadja, I’ll spend one night there again
  • 7 April: 7 hours train, back home again 😦
  • 8 April: WORK! That will be so exhausting, I already know that. But it’ll be worth it!

So, this was just a quick guide on what will happen in the near future. I’ll try to blog about everything, I already have some ideas. Also, I’ll cosplay as a Hobbit and I definitely plan on making a post about that. But first I need to be sure what I’ll be wearing and all the accessoires and so on.

I’m jumping up and down on my chair again I’m so excited!

Are you excited too? About something exciting happening soon? Maybe also a con? Tell me everything 🙂

See you soon ❤


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