A List of Things I Love

There are about 5000 things I love and could talk about forever. It’s not really easy to make a list of everything because I forget half of it all the time.

Anyway, I want to make a list of the things that are most important to me.

So, here you go:

  • My cat
  • My parents
  • My best friends
  • My internet friends
  • Social justice (LGBT, feminism, etc)
  • Books
  • Social media (tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, a book forum)
  • Music
    • A capella
      • Out of the Blue Oxford
      • Pentatonix
    • Imagine Dragons
    • Fall Out Boy
    • Ed Sheeran
    • Sam Smith
    • and many more
  • Fandoms
    • Doctor Who
    • Tolkien
    • Marvel
    • Sherlock
    • How to Get Away With Murder
    • Once Upon A Time
    • so much, that you’ll better look here or here on my tumblr
  • Eurovision Song Contest
  • Education
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • And probably way more, but that’s everything I can think of right now

By the way, this is not in a special order. I love my cat, but he’s not the most important thing in my life, sorry Maxi.

I will probably pick some things from this list and talk about them in an extra post. Let’s see 🙂 That’s also why I made this post. To give a little outlook for what may come in the future.

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “A List of Things I Love

  1. A book forum? It’s THE forum!
    But then, a list of things you love might be the best way to recall what makes your life so special when you’re down. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course it is, but it’s not THE only book forum on the world. But I thought about writing the… Idk…
      Awww, that is true! I’ll remember that for when I’m down! 🙂


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